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About Handcrafted Saxophone Mouthpieces by Ron Coelho

Each mouthpiece is CNC machined from a hard rubber casting, it is then left on a rack to season or equalize, for at least a week so the material will relax and come to equilibrium after being machined. Then it is sculpted with hand tools to the exact shape and finish inside and out. Now the real work of turning it into something truly musical begins:

Reeds are carefully chosen to begin the playing and fine tuning.

  • TENOR: Rico Jazz Select 2 medium, 2 hard or 3 soft.
  • ALTO: Rico Jazz select 2 medium, or 2 hard
  • BARITONE: Rico Jazz Select 2 medium, 2 hard, or 3 soft.

Each mouthpiece is played and fine tuned for the following characteristics.

RESISTANCE POINT: Hugely important, there is good resistance and bad resistance. Good resistance gives something to push against and becomes familiar to the embouchure, this leads to good intonation and evenness of scale, without struggling to adjust different ranges of the horn. Bad resistance makes the horn stuffy and tires the embouchure....Not good.

Also essential to a great mouthpiece, the ratio of overtones to fundamental is blended, by making very subtle adjustments to the facing curve.

Together with an easy flowing resistance the mouthpiece now has a rich palette of tone colors.

These designs have been fine tuned with feedback from profesional saxophone players all over the world and have evolved over 10 years of mouthpiece making.

Each mouthpiece is played and fine tuned playing real music and evaluating the musicality of the mouthpiece.

FINALLY when the mouthpiece becomes just pure fun to play it is ready.

Now you will receive a mouthpiece that will inspire you,  and as one of my customers wrote:

"The best playing and sounding mpcs I've ever used. Just great mouthpieces for the working musician. Extremely musical,versatile...AND make you not want to put the horn down out of a fear that you'll miss the next new thing you get out of your horn..."

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