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"Ron Coelho makes the best playing and sounding mpcs I've ever used. Just great mouthpieces for the working musician. Extremely musical,versatile...AND make you not want to put the horn down out of a fear that you'll miss the next new thing you get out of your horn."

"I never had a mouthpiece perform like that out of the box. Yeh, I could get most mouthpieces to do what I wanted but it ususally required some fore thought and preparation. I am no longer a slave to my mouthpiece. I don't have to sacrifice tone, response and intonation for edge and power."

"I love it. I had another chance to play with the swing band tonight and I can say this is truly an awesome mouthpiece. Excellent response throughout the range of the horn, very warm but has the edge to play out in front and excellent intonation."

"Your mouthpiece still amazes me. Ever since it popped out of the egg it has been consistent in pitch, reed selection, and playing comfort. Thanks again and please always know that your work is the utmost in professionalism."

"Your mouthpiece is something else. I have thought of a thousand things I could say about this piece of work but now the words just can't say enough of how great it is. Keep up the good work I believe one day every sax player will know your name."

"I started playing lead alto with the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band. During my first rehearsal, I was floored by the 78 year old Frank Wess and his sound!! Have you ever heard a lion roar? I did that day. Frank's sound on the RPC 125 seemed like it came from inside a whale. Deep, cavernous and huge. The next day, I called Ron Coelho and asked him to make me a work of art. I'm still blowing that first RPC 125 tenor. It is miraculous. Fat, resonant, powerful and smooth as silk. Wow!! I can shake the rafters with that piece and at the same whisper like a soft little kitten.

"It's like when your car (a good car) comes back after being tuned up and serviced by qualified dealership mechanics. You start it up, and it purrs, put it in gear and step on the gas, and you say "YEA, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT". This mouthpiece seems to want to do what ever I ask of it. I can see myself falling in love with playing again."

"Before trying RPC mouthpieces, I was convinced that one had to be genetically predisposed to play extensively in the altissimo range of the saxophone. RPC proved me wrong."

"I've been playing for 25 years, and I feel like I've just improved 30 percent! It's a wonderfull thing you're doing,man."

"Just got my new tenor 105 today, and spent about three hours with it. WOW, WOW, WOW!"

"My bravos to Ron. His mouthpieces that I recently purchased are the best. I would not liken them to some of the vintage Meyers or Links simply because they are superior."

"My bravos to Ron.... His mouthpieces that I recently purchased are the best. I would not liken them to some of the vintage Meyers or Links simply because they are superior. His curve on open models is comfortable and easy to control and the voice is pretty - no need for ultra high baffles or inserts for power. As an ex-Berklee (Joe Viola) student and after many years of playing and teaching in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, I have had experience with many mouthpieces produced today. Ron Coelho is a real craftsman!"

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