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Jimmy Heath,
Tenor model 105
photo by Ans Van Heck
RPC tenor saxophone mouthpieces

David Strong,
Tenor Model 110B

    Tenor models available ...
    Rollover baffle, Tip openings 100 to 125
    High baffle, Tip openings 100 to 125

    If you have a question or would like help deciding which model to order call 360-887-3807.
    To purchase with Paypal, Choose tip opening from menu below then click the paypal button.
    Paypal also accepts payment by credit card.
    Current backlog is about two weeks, no mouthpiece is ever rushed just to get it done.
    I only send mouthpieces that I know are my best work.
    All RPC Mouthpieces have a 10 day return policy.

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